Livewell client of the month - January

Published: 13 January 2022


Colin Robbins is the Livewell client of the month for January 2022

Colin Robbins from Oakwood is proof that you can stay active and healthy as you age.  Nine months after joining Livewell he’s at his physical peak, shedding three and a half stone and reducing his obese body mass index (BMI) to a healthy range.

Like most of us, Colin’s weight didn’t become an issue until his late twenties when he found he could no longer eat what he wanted without putting on weight.  From then the pounds steadily crept on until he reached his highest weight of 115 kilos.

Things finally came to a head at a routine doctor’s appointment. Hearing that his blood pressure was dangerously high - placing him at an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke - gave Colin the wake- up call he needed to take action and to join Livewell’s weight management programme.

Colin said:

The shock of being told that I could develop serious health problems made me re-evaluate my lifestyle.  Although I was fairly active it wasn’t enough to burn off the excessive fatty and salty foods I was eating.  With my weight at an all time high, I struggled to walk briskly or do any exercise that would make a difference. My knees ached and my foot hurt whenever I tried, partly due to the pressure on my joints from carrying the extra pounds.

High blood pressure and cholesterol runs in my family but when you know you can control these to some extent with lifestyle changes, then it seems a good idea to try.  Thanks to Livewell’s healthy eating resources and guidance I transformed the way I ate, cutting out salty and fatty processed foods and reading labels and packages more carefully.

As well as diet support, my advisor, Joe designed an exercise programme for me that I could do in the gym or at home, which worked well in between lockdowns and during COVID-19 restrictions.  Through a mix of cardio and strength I aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity every day, and I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a single session since February. 

As you get older, it’s easy to think that it’s too late to change but honestly, I’ve never felt so good. With lockdown there was a long gap between family and friends seeing me. They could hardly believe it when they did!”

Learn more about how Livewell can help you change your life in 2022 by visiting the Livewell website.

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