August Client of the Month – Lisa Shaw

Published: 1 August 2022

Livewell client of the month - August

Lisa client of the month - August 2022

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t easy especially when life throws obstacles in the way. That’s why we’re awarding our August Client of the Month Award to mum of three, Lisa Shaw from Mickleover.

Nominated by her advisor, Casey, Lisa has battled Long Covid and a debilitating chronic illness to not give up on her goals and find new ways to beat any setbacks. She’s steadily getting to where she wants to be thanks to her own determination and the support of Livewell.

Here she tells her story:

Like a lot of people I gained weight during the pandemic. The numbers on the scales were heading in the wrong direction and I couldn’t get into any of my clothes. I asked my doctor for advice and they signposted me to Livewell.

I joined the virtual new starter meetings at the height of lockdown when leisure centres were closed. Despite not being able to meet other members in real life, just seeing other people in a similar situation on camera helped me realise I wasn’t alone.

I started making some positive changes but getting Covid not long after that knocked me for six and I’m still experiencing symptoms of Long Covid now, which are thankfully easing since I’ve taken part in a 12-week rehab programme. Coupled with that I started to feel unwell with dizziness and tinnitus and, after a challenging few weeks, I was eventually diagnosed with vestibular migraines.

Throughout these difficult months, my advisor Casey encouraged and supported me. She honestly is a breath of fresh air and helps me see the positives in anything I manage to do. By breaking down these barriers, I kept going as much as I could - walking my puppy when I felt able and not missing my catch-up appointments with Casey.

It’s not been an easy year but I’m in a much better place now.

I finally feel I can focus fully on my goals. One of those is to run 5km and I have built up to jogging 1.6 miles non-stop on the treadmill. I also do yoga, Tai Chi and swimming – all great activities for my mind as well as my body.

Mindful eating has been a massive change for me. I learnt about this and how much of what food groups you should have on your plate at the Lose Weight Feel Great course. Advisors, Andy Gunter and Niamh were fantastic in the way they explained the principles of healthy eating.

Livewell for me has been brilliant – the whole family has got involved

The healthy eating and fitness challenges have helped keep me motivated and are something we all do together as a family.

Nutrition wise, we’re all eating more of the right foods and varying our fruit and veg. I enjoy making stir fries, trying new recipes, thinking of alternatives and mixing things up. We’ve introduced Meat Free Monday for example.

My three children are proud of their fitter and happier mum. I’ve lost 21lbs since November but more important than that I’ve gained body confidence I never had before. I’ve embraced my shape and happily wear shorts and dresses.

Last month, I completed the mums race at my youngest son's sports day. Despite coming last, I did it with a huge smile on my face and my little boy proudly told everyone ‘that’s my mummy!’ There’s no way I could have done that a year ago.

My story is testament that your journey might not be a straightforward A to B.

Blips happen in life and every step forward will eventually take you to where you want to be. I’ve learnt not get caught up in the downward spiral of ‘I had that cake now I’ll have another 7.’ It’s fine to enjoy a treat here and there, but I know when to stop, draw a line and start again.

The year-long Livewell programme sets you up for the rest of your life – it’s helped me make the right choices for not just me but my family too. I’m in the right position to carry on with the healthy changes I’ve made. Slow and steady is a winning formula!

Advisor, Casey Baxter added:

Lisa has maintained an amazing amount of determination and resilience through an extremely difficult time. She continued to get up and try again and sought extra support outside of Livewell for health concerns, allowing her to continue her journey with us. She also kept fully engaged with the service, helping her to stay focused and realise tough times happen and are never easy but they did not define her. Lisa should be very proud of herself and I am so pleased she is able to put into practice what she has learned in the last year.

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