General Remit‌

  • Executive decisions and the Forward Plan
  • Statutory reports and performance issues
  • Made up of Conservative 4, Labour 5, Lib Dem 1, Reform Derby 1, Independent 1


  • Councillor Poulter

Vice Chairs

  • Cllr Eyre
  • Cllr P Ingall


  • Councillor Bolton
  • Councillor Care
  • Councillor Rawson
  • Councillor J Khan
  • Councillor Repton
  • Councillor C Wright
  • Councillor Eyre
  • Councillor M Holmes
  • Councillor Mulhall
  • Councillor Lindsey
  • Councillor P Ingall

General Remit

  • Legal, Insurance and Information Governance
  • Democracy
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Partnering
  • Major Projects
  • Business Support and Debt Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Projects and Change
  • Strategy, Performance and Partnerships
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Human Resources and Workforce Development
  • Policy and Insight
  • Community Safety (Cohesion)
  • Digital Enablement and Automation
  • ICT Infrastructure and Cyber Security
  • Customer Engagement and Registration Services
  • Accommodation, Facilities and Health & Safety
  • Cost of Living Coordination Group
  • VCS Engagement
  • Made up of 2 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Lib Dem and 1 Reform


  • Councillor Pattison

Vice Chair

  • Councillor Pandey


  • Councillor Kaur
  • Councillor Repton
  • Councillor Wilson
  • Councillor Atwal
  • Councillor Evans

General Remit

  • Regeneration and Economic Growth
  • Culture and Leisure
  • Cultural Partnership
  • Highways Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Climate and Environment
  • Made up of 2 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Independent and 1 Reform Derby Group


  • Councillor P Ingall

Vice Chair

  • Councillor M Holmes


  • Councillor Chambers
  • Councillor Nawaz
  • Councillor Rawson
  • Councillor Poulter
  • Councillor Prosser

General Remit‌

  • Children’s Quality Assurance
  • Specialist Services
  • Early Help
  • Social Care Fieldwork
  • Children’s Residential Care
  • Inclusion and Intervention
  • Employment, Skills and Adult Education
  • Children’s Commissioning, Brokerage and Market Management
  • School Organisation
  • Made up of 2 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Reform Derby Group.


  • Councillor Lonsdale

Vice Chair

  • Councillor Trewhella


  • Councillor Amin
  • Councillor Kozlowski
  • Councillor C Wright
  • Councillor Fowke
  • Councillor Pattison

General Remit

  • Health Inequality
  • Community Support and Frailty
  • Learning, Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health
  • Safeguarding and Professional Standards
  • Adult’s Commissioning, Integration and Market Development
  • Includes matters acting as statutory health committee
  • Made up of 2 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Reform Derby and 1 Liberal Democrat.


  • Councillor Roulstone

Vice Chair

  • Councillor Kus


  • Councillor Ashby
  • Councillor Nawaz
  • Councillor Repton
  • Councillor Pearce
  • Councillor Lonsdale

General Remit

  • Planning
  • Property and Consultancy Services
  • Estates and Property Review
  • Strategic Housing
  • Regulatory Services
  • Derby Advice,
  • Housing Options and Homelessness
  • Streetpride
  • Waste Disposal
  • Community Safety and Localities
  • Includes matters acting as statutory crime and disorder committee
  • Made up of 2 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Independent and 1 Reform Derby Group.


  • Councillor Eyre

Vice Chair

  • Councillor C Ingall


  • Councillor Chambers
  • Councillor Kaur
  • Councillor Onuhoa
  • Councillor Pandey
  • Councillor Fowke

Regulatory Committees

Planning Control Committee

(Conservative 4, Labour 5, Lib Dem 1, Reform 2)

Chair – Councillor Pearce
Vice Chair – Councillor Care
Councillors – Bolton, Bonser, Nawaz, Onuoha, Rawson, Hassall, M Holmes, Morgan-Mcgeehan, Evans and Prosser

Licensing Committee

(Conservative 4, Labour 7, Lib Dem 1, Reform 2, Independent 1)

Chair – Councillor A Holmes
Vice Chairs – Councillors Potter, J Wright, Lindsey and Hudson
Councillors – Cllrs Chambers, Kaur, J Khan, Kozlowski, Rawson, Sandhu, Wilson, Smale, Evans and Lakin

Other Committees

Health and Wellbeing Board

Elected members:

Chair – Councillor Martin
Councillors – Ashby, Lonsdale, Care

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, councillor appointments are made by the statutory member, this being the Leader of the Council.

Non-elected members:

Statutory - Sue Cowlishaw (Healthwatch Derby) Robyn Dewis (Derby City Council), Andy Smith (Derby City Council), John MacDonald (Vice Chair) Non-Executive Director, Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Board.

Non statutory (appointments made by Council) - Emma Aldred (Derbyshire Constabulary), Amjad Ashraf (Community Action Derby) rep. Derby Health Inequalities Partnership, Stephen Bateman (DHU Healthcare), Paul Brookhouse rep. Derby Poverty Commission (Community Action Derby), Chris Clayton (Derby & Derbyshire ICB), Helen Dillistone (Joined Up Care Derbyshire), Gino DiStephano (Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Angelique Foster (Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner), Ian Fullagar rep. Derby Health, Housing and Homelessness Group (DCC), Fran Fuller (University of Derby), Kim Harper Stronger Communities Lead and Partnership Sector Link (Community Action Derby), Michael Kay (Environmental Protection, Housing Standards, Licensing & Emergency Planning - DCC), Clare Mehrbani (Health, Housing and Homelessness Group – Derby Homes), Jayne Needham (Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services), Rachel North (Derby City Council), Mark Powell, (Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), Perveez Sadiq (Derby City Council), Clive Stanbrook (Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service), Vacant (rep. General Practice), Vacant (rep. Health and Wellbeing Network).

Corporate Parenting Committee

(Conservative 2, Labour 3, Lib Dem 1, Reform Derby Group 1)

Chair – Councillor Whitby
Vice Chair – Councillor Mulhall
Councillors – Ashby, Hezelgrave, Roulstone, Kus and Lonsdale

Disputes Resolution Committee

(Conservative 1, Labour 2, Reform 1, Independent 1)

Chair – To be determined at first meeting
Vice Chair – To be determined at first meeting
Councillors – Sandhu, Swan, J Wright, Fowke and P Ingall

Audit and Governance Committee

(Conservative 3, Labour 4, Lib Dem 1, Reform Derby Group 1)

Chair – Councillor Morgan-Mcgeehan
Vice Chair – Councillor Mulhall
Councillors – Amin, Bolton, Sandhu, Wilson, Pearce, Kus and Care

Personnel Committee

(Conservative 3, Labour 4, Independent 1, Reform 1)

Chair – Councillor Evans
Vice Chair – Councillor Bonser
Councillors – Amin, J Khan, Nawaz, A Holmes, Eyre, Smale and Independent Vacancy.

Conservation and Heritage Advisory Committee

(Labour 1, Conservative 1, Independent 1)

Councillors – Smale, Bonser and Independent Vacancy

The Chair of the above committee is taken by an independent member

Standards Committee

(Labour 1, Conservative 1, Lib Dem 1, Reform Derby Group 1, Independent 1)

Chair – Councillor S Khan

Councillors – Pattison, Atwal, A W Graves and P Ingall