Derby - Our Story

Derby's rich history, preludes, its city status
a destination, with a reputation, for producing top-rated

A city of heritage, communities with herculean hearts
down-to-earth, not-shy-of-work, salt-of-the-earth types,

Our folks gab in a dialect that's an art form of its own
a vernacular blessed with swanky slang to google on yer phone

I once witnessed a lad, claim our accent awful- how misguided was he?
When this former capital once named Mercia speaks the closest to R.P

I'd argue that we even speak it better than her Majesty

it's not barth clarse, glarse
It's bath, class, glass

many statements taken in gest, as It's in our nature to have a laugh
take the rip, know how to enjoy life, and make the best of it

fun-seekers but not slackers; our people are born with a taste for success
breaking through our comfort zones, putting ourselves to the test

Our communities are diverse, we've over 71 different languages
providing music to our ears, soundtracks to our city streets

we understand that hard work fuels aspiration
Our ancestors are role-models of grit and dedication

That's why our city's businesses are second-to-none
Because our businesses are as top notch as the people working for them

Those proud to graft all week, take the train, drive, or bus ride
Waiting for the weekend- to watch the Rams play at the Pride

Our football team is famous and our industry is too
from aeronautics to computer tech, our enterprise is matched by few

our location is envied nationwide
bang-in-the-middle, the Midlands' pride

in the past we've been too humble about our history
but now's the time to sing-a-loud about our underdog victories

because we're on the rise- the city of innovation
Forward-thinking insights that draw instant admiration

It's obvious that our people don't have time to live in the past
Because we're too busy, creating the future

Throughout the pandemic us Frontline staff
have had to future-proof our services

We all live in Derby and are proud to be here
it means the world to us to serve our city

We're passionate about this place just like you
we've faced the same strife and hardships too

many of us have worked right through
giving it our best shot to pull the city through

we're all here for Derby, working hard
serving our communities, serving you

We're as passionate about Derby as you are
We want the best for the city and the community

We're proud of this place, proud to call it home
We’re passionate about our people and our future

What’s important to you, matters to us
We strive for a relationship built on trust

We’re all a part of this city
working together with Derby, For Derby