Minor variations to premises licences and club premises certificates

The applicant is not required to advertise the minor variation in a newspaper or copy it to the responsible authorities. They must display details of the application on a white notice at the premises, where it can be easily read by the public. The notice must remain in place for 10 working days starting on the day after the application was given to us. 

Upon receipt of the application, we must consider whether the proposed changes could have a detrimental impact on the licensing objectives. If we feel it necessary, we may consult with the responsible authorities and take their views into account when reaching a decision. We must also consider any representations received from interested parties during the 10 working days after the application was received by us. We then have a further five working days in which to make a decision to either grant or refuse the application.

If an application is granted, a revised licence will be issued. If the application is refused then a full variation application may be submitted.

Interested parties have 10 working days from the 'initial day', that is the day after the application is received by us, to submit representations. 

Where an application is refused and is then re-submitted through the full variation process, the full 28 days' notification period will apply from the date the new application is received by us.