Adult gaming centre licence

Complete the gambling premises new application form and send this with the relevant payment.

The following forms can be used to help prepare your notice of application:

The time taken to process an application depends on each individual application. The time period can range from a minimum of one month up to two months, but this could be longer if appeals are made following a committee hearing.

When an application is submitted, a 28 day statutory consultation period will follow. This allows time for local residents, businesses and responsible authorities to give their responses to the application - known as 'representations'. This is done by considering the three licensing objectives.

If you are posting the application forms, you are required to also serve a copy of the application, including the accompanying documentation, to the responsible authorities on the same day as the application is given to us. If the application is submitted electronically, we will provide copies to the responsible authorities. We can only accept applications for premises within our local authority area.

This licence will enable you to make available up to four Category B3 or B4 Gaming Machines and an unlimited number of Category C and D machines.

No one under the age of 18 years is permitted to enter an adult gaming centre.

If you want to operate an arcade that admits children, see our family entertainment centres page.

We may attach conditions to a premises licence to promote the licensing objectives.

Our licensing payments page explains what fees apply and how to pay them.‌