Some environmental permits are issued by us whilst others are issued by the Environment Agency.

We currently regulate many processes ranging from petrol service stations to manufacturing plants.

You can view the public register for the activities regulated by Derby City Council.

You must have an environmental permit if you operate a regulated facility in England or Wales.

A regulated facility includes:

  • installations or mobile plants carrying out listed activities
  • waste operations
  • waste mobile plant
  • mining waste operations

Listed activities include:

  • energy - burning fuel, gasification, liquification and refining activities
  • metals - manufacturing and processing metals
  • minerals - manufacturing lime, cement, ceramics or glass
  • chemicals - manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals or explosives, storing chemicals in bulk
  • waste - incinerating waste, operating landfills, recovering waste
  • solvents - using solvents
  • other - manufacturing paper, pulp and board, treating timber products, coating, treating textiles and printing, 

Listed activities are divided into four categories:

  • Part A(1) - regulated by the Environment Agency
  • Part A(2) - regulated by the council
  • SWIP - regulated by the council
  • Part B - regulated by the council

Part A permits control activities with a range of environmental impacts, including:

  • emissions to air, land and water
  • energy efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • raw materials consumption
  • noise, vibration and heat
  • accident prevention

Small Waste Incineration Plants (SWIP) control emissions to air and water.

Part B permits control activities which cause emissions to air.

Our permits describe the permitted installation or mobile plant, state who the operator is, and detail the conditions under which the installation or mobile plant must be operated.

Permits are available from the Environment Agency, or ourselves, depending upon the category your business falls within.

Application forms are available from DEFRA and when complete need to be sent to the Environmental Protection Team.

The fees are set annually by DEFRA.