Pest control: frequently asked questions

  • we only use trained and qualified pest control staff. All our pest control technicians hold the Royal Society for Public Health Certificate in Pest Control
  • we only carry out the most appropriate method of treatment for your problem and will not carry out any unnecessary work
  • all our work complies with current health and safety requirements and industry best practice
  • we only use safe, modern treatments that are approved for use in the UK.
  • we can offer one-off treatments or ongoing contracts for businesses, all at affordable prices.
  • never leave waste or food items out
  • ensure all rubbish is securely contained where pests cannot get to it
  • maintain your drainage system properly - repair broken pipes and covers.
  • ants (in domestic premises)
  • bees
  • flies (except cluster flies)
  • foxes
  • garden pests
  • lice
  • mites
  • pigeons and other birds (in domestic premises)
  • spiders
  • woodlice
  • woodworm.

If you want any other pest infestations removing, you will need to contact a private pest control company.

We would recommend that you:

  • get at least three quotes
  • make sure you know whether the charge is fixed or by the hour
  • ask if there is a guarantee for the work.

We offer a household insect identification service.

Please email photographs to the Pest Control Team, providing as much supporting information as possible including:

  • a clear photograph of the insect
  • are you or your family being bitten
  • what room(s) are the insects being found in
  • location of the insect i.e. carpet, kitchen cupboards
  • include a ruler or object to provide a size guide.

In the case of a bee swarm the most appropriate method of control is the safe removal of the swarm to a hive by an experienced beekeeper.

We do not provide this service, but the British Bee Keepers Association website has lots of useful information and a local bee keeper finder tool.

No. You can find these products in any large DIY store or pet shops.

Always read the label before use.

We will only remove them if we are treating for the pests at your premises.


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