Report a parking problem

Some drivers may park inconsiderately against a lowered or dropped kerb, obstructing access, in such instances, both the Council and the police can take action.

If you are being blocked from leaving your driveway, this is only something that the police can action, and we recommend that you contact the police by calling 101.

Alternatively, if you cannot access your driveway, the pavement, or cross the road safely due to a parked vehicle blocking a lowered kerb, you can report it to us by telephoning 07917 233812. We will arrange for a patrol to be allocated to attend, and your report will be logged.

If this is an ongoing issue, we recommend that you email about obtaining a Protective Entrance Marking.

If damage is being caused to a grass verge by vehicles parking on them, please email our highways team at

If the grass verge is adjacent to double or single yellow lines, we can issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the vehicle. To report the vehicle, please email or telephone 07917 233812.

It is illegal to park a vehicle on double yellow lines at any time and single yellow lines during the time restriction shown on the sign as long as they form part of the Public Highway. We will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to any vehicles parked on yellow lines as long as there is no exemption.

The following exemptions apply and allow vehicles to be parked on yellow lines:

  • The vehicle is wholly engaged in the loading or unloading of goods.
  • The vehicle is wholly engaged in picking up or dropping off passengers.
  • The vehicle is displaying a valid Blue Badge.

If the vehicle in question does not meet any of the exemptions listed, please email or telephone 07917 233812.

We are only responsible for vehicles that are parked on the pavement within the city boundary where a pavement parking ban is in force.

The boundary line for the pavement parking ban is the A601 ring road.

To report a vehicle parking on the pavement within the boundary, please email or telephone 07917 233812.

Vehicles parked on the pavement outside of the city boundary would be seen as causing an obstruction and should be reported to the police by telephoning 101 or on their website

We are responsible for enforcing parking restrictions across the city, this includes residential parking bays.

If you have ongoing problems with vehicles parking without a valid permit, please report this to us and we will arrange for our Civil Enforcement team to attend.

To report a vehicle, please email or telephone 07917 233812.

We are not responsible for access-only roads or any parking place which occurs on them.

Breaches of an access-only restriction should be reported to the police by telephoning 101 or on their website.

We offer advice and guidance to drivers if we are engaged in enforcement in the area however we have no legal powers to handle dangerous parking, which would fall within the jurisdiction of the police in some circumstances. 

To report dangerous parking, please telephone the police on 101 or use their website.

Reserving a parking space on the highway without the permission of the Highway Authority is not allowed. If someone is reserving a parking space using cones for example or any other object, please telephone 07917 233812 and we will arrange for a member of the team to remove the objects.

In the event that residential or business waste bins are being used to reserve a parking space, a section 46, Environmental Protection Act 1990, can be issued by a Public Protection Officer (PPO).